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ELGET Engineering Office was founded in 1985 by Mr. Eberhard Lendle , a pioneer of screen printing.

Since 1989, Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Guenther is owner of this engineering office.

He will continue to deal with screen printing , screen printing colors and especially the drying of paints and varnishes , particularly for the production of graphic and electronic products. In the course of time we intensified the activities in the field of further coating techniques such as curtain coating and spray coating operations for the processing of photo coatings, UV coatings and products for infrared cure.

Especially great experience we have gained in the field of UV- , IR- and thermal drying and curing processes.
Therefore, we are THE specialist for UV- , IR- and thermal drying and curing processes . Whether you spray coat, curtain coat or screen print always followes a drying process which should take only a short time as possible to complete. Our drying systems can perform these processes unbeatable.

We provide coating lines for curtain coating, spray coating and screen printing process and the corresponding fast drying equipment which is not only extremely durable but also energy efficient, need low maintenance and extremely user friendly.

A main product is our world's fastest IR-High-Speed Final Curing Line, e.g. for photo - solder masks, legend inks, carbon pastes, peelable inks and all IR and thermal drying products.

The by ELGET invented simple handling system Flextrans framework for flexible printed circuit boards and slides supports the process of coating materials thinner than 0.8 mm.

Since 2005, our sales activities are done by ELGET Ltd.

We have specialized in the electronics industry, photovoltaics, laboratory activities and adjoining industrial areas . Our representatives are active mainly in Europe and India, we also deliver worldwide.

You see, you are in good hands with us!


ELGET Engineering Office

Untere Stadtgasse 42
D - 90429 Nürnberg

Phone +49 (0) 911 529 96 20
Fax +49 (0) 911 529 96 21

Email elget@elget.de
Internet www.elget.de

Managing Director:
Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Günther

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