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Infrared (IR) dryer for thermal and IR drying inks and materials with long-, medium-and short-wave infrared radiation source  
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Infrared (IR) dryer for thermal and IR drying inks and materials with long-, medium-and short-wave infrared radiation source

BELTROTHERM continuous dryer for the infrared drying of the coating of different flat materials with infrared reactive substances. This unique drying technology allows the drying of coated paints and coating material within minutes. Depending on the drying equipment the process is running single or double-sided..

Coatings, powder coatings, water-based paints, pastes, ceramic glazes, adhesives, printing inks, screen printing inks, etc. especially on glass, metal, wood, plastics, paper, printed circuit boards and many other substrates

Horizontal continuous dryer, manufactured in modular design. The modules are equipped user-specific with short-, medium-or long-wave IR (twin or carbon emitters or VSIR - units. A new radiation concept offers fast heating up and cooling down time in the range of seconds, a high specific activity and a large area performance in a small space. It ensures that a completely homogeneous radiation is produced in longitudinal and transverse direction on the substrate. Infrared radiation technology is -. compared to other heating techniques - particularly energy efficient, because it acts quickly, gently and directly.

The IR - dryers are equipped with modern PLC controls. These regulate and supervise all functions of the dryer.
A touch-screen allows the operator to make all entries directly on the display. All values are clearly displayed in the form of graphics.

IR-radiation sources:
Depending on the required energy and the required wavelength the machine systems are equipped with short-, medium-, long-wave IR sources or combinations there of:

Short-wave IR radiation VSIR:
The VSIR technology, working with very short wave infrared - radiation, causes a completely uniform heating of the paint layer in a few seconds. Since the substrate is thereby only slightly heated , this application is ideal for most materials. The shutdown of the radiator unit is also within seconds . The spectral range of this technology is between 0.76 microns and 1.2 microns. The radiation sources are high performance halogen lamps with the spiral surfaces - temperatures up to 3500 K. The emitted radiation is directed most efficiently using special reflector systems and is bundled to an extremely high energy density.

The VSIR - Radiation - dryers are the previously known fastest - conditioning systems with a very small footprint . Interesting are combinations of VSIR with UV - Selective – dryers using aqueous systems with UV - binder systems. Rapid elimination of H2O and immediate cross-linking of paints , inks or other binder systems . No influence of the printed material (paper, cardboard, plastics, etc. ) e.g. deforming or shrinking , etc.

Short-wave IR radiation:
This type of lamps used in our dryers for processes where high temperatures are reached in very short time. The emission maximum is 0.9 to 1.6 microns. The drying systems are custom calculated and usually equipped with twin tube emitters with or without gold reflectors.

Medium wave IR radiation carbon emitters:
So far, it has not been possible to produce medium wave IR - make very responsive. We use this type of lamp in drying processes where an extremely short heating - and cooling time is required and therefore given a high efficiency. Short warm-up time means saving energy. Carbon radiators can be turned off completely in stand-by operation of the system.

Medium wave IR radiation:
Dryer with this type of radiator, the emission maximum is 2.0 to 2.6 microns, are used in a wide field, because they are good against most substrates.

The curves shows the radiation intensity in the different wavelength ranges at the same electrical power ratings.


Control Engineering:
For different material thickness ranges and special material are temperature profiles - tuned to an optimal drying process - created and stored in the PLC. Optimized temperature profiles are recorded and stored in up to 120 programs.

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The appropriate drying program is called by touch on the touch screen and changed within minutes. The few minutes changeover usually go into the preparation of the coating line for the new lot. The operational readiness will be reported by signal to the upstream machine. The touch screen OMRON PLC shows a clear view of the operation condition and is ready for more input.

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